Quillas surf Gorilla Single Darkside Hyper Blam M Trifin

Quillas surf Gorilla Single Darkside Hyper Blam M Trifin

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-Juego de 3 quillas. Para tablas trifin.
-Compatibles con el sistema Futures.
-Talla M. 65-80 kg. / 145 - 175 Lbs.

-Llave Allen.
-Material: RTM Fabricadas en un molde con fibra de vidrio y resina. Fiber Glass Reinforced Polymer.


Gorilla Machete template: good for ripping all sorts of juice.
• Designed with a flat foil on the side fins delivering fast, controlled directional changes. 

Depth: 4.52"
Base:  4.50"
Area:  14.99" ^2
Foil:   Flat
Depth:  4.36"
Base:   4.49"
Area:   14.63" ^2
Foil:     50/50


Fiberglass reinforced polymer construction takes the glass flex fin to an all new level.  The polymer is injected with fiberglass to create a stiffer, more controlled, and durable fin.
Designed to enhance controlled flex and responsiveness, while providing remarkable memory and durability.  Al's design creates drive from the rake and base, while allowing pivot with the narrow tips and smaller center fin.
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